Rust Update 1.53 Patch Notes: What’s New In October 13 Update

Rust update 1.53 is out today for PS4 and Xbox One. You can get the complete patch notes for the update here.

Some of the changes mentioned in the patch notes are as follow. The distance required for Scientists to stop being hostile towards players who are no longer in their range has been reduced. Collision from the debris of shattered barrels was reduced, and collision from things thrown at shallow angles was deleted. The Bradley APC and Attack Helicopter are now moving at the proper speeds.

The full details of this Rust 1.53 update can be seen in the patch notes shared below.

Rust Update 1.53 Patch Notes


  • Rockets fired by the Bradley APC and the Attack Helicopter now move at the correct speed.
  • Reduced the distance that it takes for Scientists to stop being aggressive towards players.
  • Scientists will no longer continue shooting at killed players who respawn nearby and out of sight.
  • Scientists will no longer target players out of their range.
  • Removed collision from the debris of destroyed barrels.
  • Throwing items at shallow angles will no longer disappear.


  • Timed Explosives no longer disappear when thrown at objects.
  • Reduced the flashing effect when firing a weapon with the Holosight attachment at night.
  • Swapping one item of clothing with another when the inventory is full, will no longer cause the original item to be lost.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Incendiary Ammo to continue to damage killed players after they respawn.
  • Partial fix for Sheet Metal building blocks appearing completely white from a distance.
  • Frog Boots are back in the Clothing section of the crafting menu.
  • Players can no longer clip through floors or ceilings by using a Wooden Ladder.
  • Multiple Wooden Ladders can no longer be deployed on top of each other.
  • Partial fix for black shadows on ceilings when Campfire is lit.
  • Driving a boat no longer triggers Auto Equip for the active hotbar slot when Auto Equip is turned on in the Options Menu.


  • Fixed players being able to clip through vents at various monuments.
  • Fixed force crouching at Cargo Ship, Dome and Water Treatment Plant.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to clip through ceilings on the Cargo Ship.
  • Players are no longer blocked from travelling through the vents at the Launch Site.
  • Players can now only sleep for up to 30 minutes inside a Safe Zone, then they are automatically killed.
  • The Small Oil Refinery at the Outpost can be used to make Low Grade Fuel again.
  • Fixed texture issues at the Airfield.


  • Fixed an issue with the Death screen map soft-locking the game.
  • Fixed an issue with the In-game map preventing the UI from being interactable.
  • The Demolish option is now greyed out on the Hammer’s building/upgrade menu after 10 minutes, instead of being hidden. This ensures the menu options are always in the same position.
  • The death screen no longer shows the wrong information when you are killed by a Scientist or Bandit.
  • Fixed an issue that soft-locked the Tech Tree.
  • The map icon for the Locked Crate now disappears when the crate has been looted, or when it despawns.
  • Fixed various text localisation issues.

Known Major Issues (We are working on them)  

  • In-game exploits.
  • Scientist aggro range.
  • Scientist shooting at Outpost.
  • Scientists not losing their target after the player dies.
  • Silent footsteps while using Frog Boots.
  • Player becomes hostile after being attacked by another player in the outpost.
  • Under the map prevention issues.
  • Double Sound issue.
  • Sound crash when on boats or big gun fights.

Facepunch Studios developed the survival video game Rust, which is exclusively available in multiplayer mode. It began as a DayZ clone, with crafting components similar to those found in Minecraft. Rust early access versions were first made available in December 2013, with the final release coming in February 2018. Double Eleven worked on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console versions which were released in May 2021.

Rust is a multiplayer-only video game in which players compete in an open-world setting for the sole purpose of survival. Animals like wolves and bears provide a concern, but the main risk comes from other players. With the exception of a few pre-built maps, the majority of maps are procedurally created. When starting off, a player simply has a rock and a torch.

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