Paladins Update 2.59 Patch Notes Add The Horrifying Kasumi

Update 2.59 has arrived for Paladins, and here are all of the changes and improvements coming to the game with this patch. The biggest change coming to the game is the addition of a brand new horrifying character, Kasumi, Death Howl. Kasumi comes with a lot of scary abilities that will send shivers down your spine. Here are the complete patch notes for Paladins update 2.59, along with a message from the developers explaining what Kasumi really is:

“Some pains persist beyond our physical existence. The bitterest concoctions pale compared to the taste of betrayal by those you hold dear. Once, by a house meant to protect. Twice, by family with barren hearts. Thrice, by the world. You couldn’t imagine such pain…

Thankfully, you won’t have to imagine. Powers from beyond the grave infuse this angry spirit on her path of vengeance, and your pain pleases her. It is your privilege to suffer at her hands. It is your fate to atone for the sins of the world. It is your honor to WRITHE. Now, struggle, and die — and offer your souls to Kasumi, Death’s Howl. For she is coming for you all.”

Paladins Update 2.59 Patch Notes


  • Talent
    • Cursed Revolver
      • Duration reduced from 1.5s > 1.0s.
      • Base Damage decreased from 11  > 10
      • Damage increase per tick decreased from +1.5/tick > +1.0/tick
      • Reduced Max Damage per tick from 30 > 25

Developer Commentary: We’ve tried multiple approaches since integrating the old Cursed Revolver into Androxus’s base kit, but they’ve each been strong in different ways, so we’re reducing the Damage Over Time’s stats across the board to emphasize landing multiple shots to ramp up the damage and make it less oppressive to fight against.


  • Abilities
    • Dome Shield
      • Increased Dome Shield’s Flamethrower Turrets Range from 22 > 30
        • Note: Forgefire Flamethrower Turrets Range remains at 22
      • Flamethrower Turret is no longer destroyed on Dome destruction

Developer Commentary: Dome Shield didn’t feel as impactful as an Ultimate should, so we increased its Range and survivability to give it more value when placed down and committed.

Bomb King

  • Talent
    • Royal Subjects
      • Now reduces Ammo from 6 > 4

Developer Commentary: Royal Subjects was performing a little too well compared to his other Talents. By reducing Bomb King’s Ammo by 2 when selected we want to limit his damage output while still letting the Talent keep its consistency boost with the bonus explosion range.


  • Ability
    • Storm of Blades
      • Now refills Caspian’s Ammo when cast.
  • Ability
    • War
      • Increased Ammo count from 20 > 21.
  • Ability
    • Deadly Momentum
      • Reduced delay after spin from 0.4s > 0.175s.

Developer Commentary: We’ve been following the feedback following Caspian’s release and we hope these changes – especially Deadly Momentum – will make playing him feel a bit smoother. By increasing his Ammo, refilling it on Ultimate cast, and reducing the delay on the spin after dashing, we’re aiming to improve his consistency in combat.


  • Ability
    • Moonlight
      • Reduced Healing from 150 > 135.
  • Talent
    • Life Link
      • Increased Healing From 300 > 320.
  • Talent
    • Goddess’ Blessing
      • Now increases Moonlight’s Healing from 135 > 150

Developer Commentary: Io performs a little too well both as a healer and in Damage Output. We’ve reduced Moonlight’s Healing to make her Talent choice more impactful to her game plan, and boosted Life Link and Goddess’ Blessing’s Healing output to push their identities as area Healing and single target Healing respectively, to encourage Io players to prioritize the playstyle they want to specialize in.


  • Ability
    • The Law
      • Reduced pre-fire delay from 1.2s > 1.0s.
      • Now resets the Cooldown of In Pursuit.

Developer Commentary: Despite Lex’s words to the contrary, far too many opponents were escaping The Law due to its long startup and variable impact. By reducing the former and adding some utility with a Cooldown reset, we hope to give this ability a stronger identity in Lex’s kit while also making it more reliable to confirm.


  • Talent
    • Leviathan
      • Now increases Movement Speed by 20% for the duration of Ancient Rage.
  • Card
    • Barrier Reef
      • Increased Damage required to trigger effect from 800 > 1000.

Developer Commentary: Leviathan was underperforming in comparison to Makoa’s other Talents, and we hope this addition of Movement Speed will result in a more diverse Talent selection for the turtle. By lowering the efficacy of Barrier Reef, our goal is to add more interactivity to engaging Makoa’s Shield, rewarding opponents with more time to engage after breaking the Shield.


  • Ability
    • Creeping Barrage
      • Ultimate no longer stops on death.
  • Ability
    • Distortion Field
      • Cooldown now starts when the ability ends.
      • Reduced Cooldown from 18s > 16s.

Developer Commentary: Committing her Ultimate only for it to immediately dissipate was a frustrating experience for Octavia players, especially with an Ultimate whose strength shows over time. Persisting after her death makes it stronger without changing its base stats, and increases its value in her kit. Inversely to that, Distortion Field imparted immense value by immediately going on Cooldown, effectively shaving off 3.5s from its base cooldown and potentially more with Card choices. With these changes, it should be less oppressive and constant in combat while having a reasonable Cooldown for its strength.


  • Talent
    • Mega Potion
      • Reduced bonus Healing from 130% > 100%.
      • Additional Healing % is now also applied to Pip healing himself.
      • Augments Healing Potion to now also apply a stacking 200 Shield.

Developer Commentary: Mega Potion’s pick rate left a bit to be desired compared to Pip’s other Talents. We’re hoping to push its identity by giving Pip and his team some additional survivability through Shields and keeping him in the fight longer.


  • Ability
    • Blast Back
      • Reduced cone size and effect radius from 55 > 50.
      • Reduced effective range and effective radius from 45 > 40.

Developer Commentary: While this may seem like a pure nerf, it brings Saati’s Blast Back damaging area to be more in line with the VFX . This should make it feel fairer to fight against and also allow players to more accurately judge the Ability’s bounds.


  • Talent
    • Crack Shot
      • Now also reduces Talon Rifle’s Damage from 1200 > 900.
      • Removed Headshot penalty.
      • Now also grants perfect unscoped accuracy.
  • Talent
    • Nocturnal
      • Now also grants 20% Movement Speed while Stealthed.

Developer Commentary: Nocturnal dominated Talent choices for Strix, so we hoped to push two of his Talents to give them more of an identity. Crack Shot now gives Strix the ability to become a no-scope machine who isn’t afraid of a close encounter, while Nocturnal’s movement speed lets him perform his role of the quiet killer a little better.


  • Ability
    • Hyper Beam
      • Now can be canceled after a 0.5s lockout by recasting the Ability.
  • Talent
    • Thanks Grandpa
      • Now reduces the Cooldown of Protection by 1s.

Developer Commentary: The ability to cancel Hyper Beam improves its utility, and increases the skill ceiling for Torvald players by letting them get back into the fight quicker through smart management. Combined with reducing the Cooldown of Protection with Thanks, Grandpa we hope to give Torvald players a welcome boost.


  • Ability
    • Grappling Hook
      • Reduced Damage from 300 > 200.
      • Now no longer hooks non-Frontline enemies. Note: Will still hit and damage non-Frontlines. VII retains his original behavior of hooking and dragging himself towards Frontline Champions
  • Ability
    • Explosive Dodge
      • Reduced knockback force from 200 > 100.
      • Reduced knock up force from 200 > 100.
  • Talent
    • Overcharged
      • Current: Overcharged Decree 77. The ultimate will no longer Fear enemies but will deal 1100 to enemies and nearby targets in a small radius after targeting an enemy for 0.8s. Your Ultimate charge rate is also increased by 50%.
      • Overcharge your Grappling Hook to now pull Non-Frontline Champions to VII. Reduce Grappling Hook’s damage by 100, its Charges by 1, and its Cooldown by 2s.

Developer Commentary: VII’s mobility, Crowd Control, and high Damage output caused frustration to his opponents. By splitting his functionalities across his least used Talent, Overcharged, we hope to highlight his kit’s identities and allow for more impactful choices in play style when selecting a Talent. We also reduced the force from the Explosive Dodge explosives by half to ease the frustration points when getting hit by all 3 sequentially and being bounced around. These changes should prevent VII from being a dominating jack-of-all-trades Flank Champion while still allowing the play styles from his previous iterations to shine through depending on his Talent choice. We’re also updating his default Decks to reflect his Talent and play style changes.


  • Card
    • Second Wind
      • Movement speed bonus is now applied after Hustle instead of during.
      • Reduced Cooldown from 12s > 10s.

Developer Commentary: Second Wind is currently very difficult to notice when equipped. By shifting its active period we hope to give it a unique strength and provide some additional tools in the toolbox when building a Deck for Viktor.


  • Ability
    • Harbinger’s Wrath
      • If an enemy is killed during the Stun before the Execute, Vora is refunded 25% Ultimate Charge.
  • Ability
    • Deadly Scythe
      • Increased Projectile Speed by 10%, from 275 > 302.5.
  • Ability
    • Tendril
      • Reduced Cooldown from 12s > 10s.
  • Ability
    • Harbinger’s Wrath
      • Increased Damage Reduction from 30% > 40%.
  • Talent
    • Relentless Presence
      • Now increases Tendril’s Cooldown from 10s > 12s.

Developer Commentary: As Vora, it’s not uncommon to die when attempting to commit to a fight, before she has a chance to get the value out of her Damage Over Time projectiles. By increasing the Projectile’s speed and her pre-talent mobility we hope to increase her effectiveness as a Flank without making her too durable for her Role. Instead, by increasing the Damage Reduction specifically during her Ultimate this should help her utilize it both as an offensive tool and for escapes without making it too difficult to deal with throughout the rest of the match.


  • Talent
    • Sight Begets Strength
      • Reduced Shield per pulse from 125 > 90.
  • Ability
    • Devour
      • Reduced minimum distance from 45 > 30.

Developer Commentary on Paladins update 2.59 patch notes: Yagorath’s Ultimate can be difficult to confirm, so we’re slightly increasing its viable area to make it more appealing to players. Sight Begets Strength is a powerful team utility Talent for Yagorath that enables some frustrating strategies to fight against. By reducing the Shield per pulse we’re seeking to lower its raw power to prevent it from being oppressive while still allowing Yagorath to support and defend her team.



  • Caspian
    • Fixed an issue where Caspian’s War weapon would occasionally cause issues with reloading.
  • Inara
    • Fixed an issue where Inara’s Ultimate, Seismic Crash, was displaying as being bound to the incorrect input in the Champions screen.
  • Saati
    • Fixed an issue where Blast Back’s first person VFX wouldn’t appear if the Talent Window Of Opportunity was selected.
  • Seris
    • Fixed an issue where Seris’ Shadow Travel full screen VFX was Z-fighting with enemy Lillith’s Blood Moon Ultimate’s full screen VFX.
  • Talus
    • Fixed an issue where the location of the hitbox of Talus’ Blitz Upper ability was being influenced by the Talus player’s movement inputs during the ability.
  • Yagorath
    • Fixed an issue where Yagorath’s Carnage Dance emote was missing audio.


  • Fixed an issue where the Black Hole spray was missing audio.


  • Various quality-of-life collision fixes to the Stone Keep and Warder’s Gate reworks.
  • Changed spawn points in Marauder’s Port (King of the Hill) to address one that was a bit too close to the seas.



  • Moonlight
    • Healing reverted to 150 per 0.15s
  • Goddess’ Blessing
  • Life Link
    • Now also reduces Moonlight’s Healing to 135 per 0.15s


  • Crack Shot
    • Talon Rifle’s Damage set to 900 from 700.
    • Burn Duration reduced from 3s -> 1.5s
    • Reduced Effective Range from 500 -> 200 units


  • Mega Potion
    • No longer refreshes duration on application, but still stacks

Paladins update 2.59 patch notes are bringing a lot of bug fixes and balance changes to all champions in the game along with some general improvements. Paladins update 2.59 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. For more information on Paladins version 2.59 along with future updates and patch notes, visit the game’s website here.

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