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This guide will show you how to get all of the achivements in One Dreamer.


Story Achievements

These achievements you get from simply playing the story. They will be rewarded at key part throughout the game.

I got this by simply starting the game.

Make ends meet

Another day

Make an NPC

Goodnight ProxyLIFE




Ship a game

A cosmic success

Chapter 2

Before the Game

Ended before it started…
Delete a save with under 1 minute of playtime

This can be achieved at any time. At the main menu, create a new save slot, then delete it before starting it.


Brb, 2 minute noodles
Don’t move for 2 minutes

This can be achieved at any time. Just stand around for 2 minutes.

Oh, so that’s where they were…
Find Frank’s missing socks

Visit the wardrobe on the right side of Frank’s bedroom in Frank’s house. Interact with the right door of the WARDROBE to open it. Interact with the JUNK on the bottom of the open wardrobe. Interact with the WARDROBE again to close it. Interact with the left door of the WARDROBE. The socks appear at the top.

Play merry had a little lamb

Walk in front of the piano on the far right of the upstairs hallway in Frank’s house. You are given 3 notes to play. Use these notes to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” If you need to learn how to play the song, there is SHEET MUSIC inside of the wardrobe in Frank’s bedroom. Here are the notes:

E – D – C – D – E – E – E – D – D – D – E – E – E E – D – C – D – E – E – E – D – D – E – D – C

I know what I’m doing
Enable InGamePurchases before Alice finishes explaining

As soon as the computer’s apps become available to you, open the folder, and navigate to Shared -> Task 1 -> InGamePurchases. Quickly set enabled = true.


Oh deer


As soon as you unlock the door at night in your room, and enter it to go into the forest area, go left slightly and walk up to the deer. Stare at it, by hovering your cursor over it, for 30s.



When you get to the “Lobby” area with the big “Welcome” sign, there will a player throwing darts. Talk to him several times. When he disconnects, you will be prompted to press F.

No pets allowed


When you get to the “Lobby” area with the big “Welcome” sign, there will be a dog named LUCKY in the middle of the steps. Edit LUCKY’s code, and set enabled = false. (Unfortunately, you can’t turn him back on.)

Man of culture


When you get to the “Lobby” area with the big “Welcome” sign, head towards the right, near the big screen. You’ll see HERO69 and GOOSE. Edit the GOOSE as follows: displayName = ‘Goose-Chan’outfitIndex = 1audioFile = meow.mp3. If you did it right, HERO69 will say: “Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well.”

Chapter 3




This can be achieved at any time from 3E01 on. When you leave Frank’s bedroom in Frank’s house, you’ll see the Konami code above his door. Perform these movements. The final two buttons are the back button (default is Q) followed by the interact button (default is Left Click). The full code would then be: W – W – S – S – A – D – A – D – Q – LeftClick

Beat PAC


Go downstairs in Frank’s house, and go to the far left towards the living room. The TV is on with Pacman on the screen. Sit on the SOFA, and complete 1 round of Pacman.

If it works, it works
Remove the daily coin bonus, without setting bonusCoins to 0

Finish Task1, but before you do, make sure you copy _temp.test123. Be sure it’s set to false as well. Next, open Task2 -> DailyCoinBonus and set enabled = _temp.test123.

Tidy coder
Setup all the values in the CoinRewardTier

In Task2, open CoinRewardTier. Set None = 0Small = 50Medium = 100Large = 250.


No time to chat
Cut off Luna’s mother’s call

After Luna asks you to follow her to make something for Grant’s stream, Luna’s mother will video call you on your computer. Before the call can end, edit the COMPUTER and quickly set enabled = false.

Break the fourth wall


When you’re at the NPC lab, Luna will ask you to hook the voice audio to the NPC. Before you do, interact with her several times. You’ll unlock the achievement when she says: “My voice actress is exceptional.”

Make it stop
Beat OwO without editing the code

You must complete the OwO game in the arcade without modifying it. My suggestion is to just spam click and you only need to make it to round 14. You don’t need to clear the board, at least I didn’t have to.
Here is a guide with a bunch of great tips:

P/\DDLE Champion


You must beat Luna at Pong without modifying the game. My suggestion is to let her win A BUNCH, and eventually she’ll start to make mistakes. You know you’re doing it right when a bunch of error code things start appearing around you.

Here is a guide with a bunch of great tips

Chapter 4


Coffee lover
Drink coffee even though you don’t have to

After leaving the storage room, go drink coffee BEFORE answering the phone.

Chapter 5


Responsible fish owner
Clean the fish tank every day
(2E01-1) (3E01-1) (4E01-1) (5E01-1)

Make sure to clean the fish tank each day.


Cheer up


Go to the Duck Game, and edit the TICKET PRINTER on the right side of the counter. Copy action = Fire() and exit. Edit DUCK GAME and open OnWin(). Paste TicketPrinter.action on action to make it action = TicketPrinter.action. Edit the other parts of the game to make it easy to win. Win the Duck Game, and take the TICKET from the printer.

Go to the upper level, and walk toward the middle. Notice the crying girl on your way. Near the elevator, interact with the PRIZE VENDING MACHINE and take the DUCK. Walk back to the crying girl, and give her the DUCK.

Chapter 6


Finish the backlog before the call ends

Everything can be done easily and most can be done before the call even starts. I’ve outlined all of the bugs below. Just know, it’s a bit spoilery, so I would encourage you to try it yourself. All of you work will start from the ProxyLIFE->Assets->Scripts folder.

  • Graphics Bug: Open Default->Default.Graphics. Set the following variables: resolution = 1920×1080antiAliasing = MSAAvsync = falsetextureQuality = lowlightingQuality = lowshadowQuality = lowdynamicShadows = false.
  • Tutorial Bug: Open Utility->SceneLoader. Copy isLoading = false. Open UI->TutorialButton. Paste onto var wait to set it as var wait = SceneLoader.isLoading.
  • Guide NPC Bug: Open AI->Guide. Set sub = -1.
  • Pause Menu Mute Bug: Open Core->MusicPlayer. Set lastVolume = volumevolume = 0.
  • Shark Bug: Open AI->Shark. Set sharkNoiseClip = bossMusic.mp3. Open Default->Default.Animals. Set Shark_startHp = 5.

Pigeon backflip


From the elevator on the top level, head to the far left of the map. There will be a PIGEON on a ledge in front of a VENDING MACHINE. Look at the PIGEON and then look at the VENDING MACHINE. The PIGEON will do a little flip animation.

Racoon Baguette


From the elevator on the top level, head right past YUSUF Audi to EZ Storage. Interact with the DUMPSTER to the left of EZ Storage repeatedly until the raccoon appears.

Help another game developer


From the elevator on the top level, head right past YUSUF Audio, past EZ Storage, and down the stairs thereafter. Walk left past POTATO ENTHUSIAST, and you’ll see the developer sitting on the bench next to his device. Edit it, and open CustomRenderer.OnEnable(). Set _TEMP = false.

Welcome to BACKEND


This one involves modifying one of the presets for the elevator to the arcade. I like to set preset1 = PROXYLIFE and _destination = preset2. Set preset2 = NULL2, copy it to the clipboard, and then use the KEYBOARD in Indie Zone to change NULL2 to BACKEND. Return to the elevator and enter it.

Here is a much more detailed and visual guide

Cucumber doge


On the bottom level, head left from the big TV. Walk past the angry goose attacking the guy, and you’ll see a SHUTTER. Edit it and copy Shutter.state. Return to the top level, and head left to Indie Zone. Use the KEYBOARD to change DOWN to UP. The shutter should now be fixed.

From Indie Zone, head to the far right of the top level. Go down the stairs and walk to the FOODVR cart between the SHOPKEEPER and the PIANO. Edit the FOODVR cart, open Cucumber, and copy instance = this to your clipboard. Return to the bottom level and head left from the big TV and towards the SHUTTER. There should now be a dog with a FOODBAG next to him. Edit the FOODBAG and paste Cucumber.instance onto foodvr, so that it says foodvr = Cucumber.instance.

Who’s a good boy?
Pat a dog 10 times

On the bottom level, head to the far right of the map and into the park.There is a DOG in the middle of the park in front of the waterfall. Edit the DOG and set isPetable = true. Interact with the DOG and PET 10 times.

Still P/\DDLE Champion


Ride the elevator to the arcade after fixing it. The P/\DDLE game is on the far right of the arcade.

Like the P/\DDLE game with Luna, my suggestion is to let him win A BUNCH, and eventually he will start to make some mistakes. This time, however, the NPC is much more difficult and you won’t get any indications that he will be making mistakes. Definitely use the guide below to learn about the NPC’s serving strategy.

Here is a guide with a bunch of great tips

It’s over 9000!
Get a score over 9000… (or try 30 times in a row)

Ride the elevator to the arcade after fixing it. The rhythm game is on the far left of the arcade. I recommend setting your keys to 1, 2, 3, 4 or H, J, K, L for this one. There’s no trick to this one; just get 9000+ points or try 30 times consecutively. It doesn’t take long.

End of the Game

Unfinished game
End the day with less than 50% improved

I recommend doing this one first before the next two. Although, if you can always go back and do this one by using the BACKEND to return to 6E01-3. Simply get 50% of the improvements and you’ll get a call from an NPC to fix a special item, which will end the day. Before fixing that special item, break something you already fixed, and then go fix that special item.

You did the best you could
Polish ProxyLIFE to 100%

I recommend doing this one AFTER Unfinished game. Simply fix everything in ProxyLIFE. Use the big TV on the lower level to track which areas need attention.

Play ???
(after credits, 100% improvements)

I recommend doing this one AFTER Unfinished game. After the credits, look for a prompt to play ???. It will be available if you fixed everything 100% in ProxyLIFE.

Movement and Variables


These are achievements you get from simply moving your character. They are in order by which I achieved them, although it’s certainly possible do to them in any order.

Healthy lifestyle
Take 10,000 steps

I’ll take the stairs
Climb 1000 steps

The longest mile
Run 1 mile without stopping.

I recommend doing it in 6E01-3 using the bottom level to run back and forth. Just need to not stop or hit the wall. Use BACKEND (left) to change your running speed.

Cover 42.195Km

Use BACKEND (left) to see how far you’ve covered in the game. If you’re still short of the 42195m, then change your running speed, and run back and forth on the lower level in 6E01-3. This does not have to be done all at once, so I would encourage you to do it last.


These are achievements you get from changing variables in the game. I got all of these naturally, but if you are short, you can interact with any object that changes variables. For example, you can spam click the big TV in LM in 6E01-3.

Change 100 variables

Change 500 variables

Change 1000 variables


Thank you, sincerely
Obtain all other achievements

If you’ve done all of the achievements here, the final achievement will automatically unlock.

Be sure to send lots of good vibes to the developer for this incredible journey and for all of their hard work in telling this highly impactful story.

Thanks to MntBerryCrunch for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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